Lucas Vilas Boas

Hi, I’m Lucas Vilas Boas, but you can call me “VB”, which is the way my friends call me. I am from Brazil, I have moved to the Netherlands in 2017 and I’ve been loving it so far. My greatest passions are skate and snowboard but I am also fascinated by science.

I’ve been designing since 2008 and I am always striving for excellence. I have strong visual design skills and have been applying it on solving user problems with elegant experiences.

I’ve worked for different kinds of companies, from small web agencies, to startups like Scup, consolidated products like Netshoes and global companies like Sprinklr. Each professional experience helped me to learn different skills based on their different needs and I’m really thankful for that. Today, I’m UX / UI Designer at, where my work is focused on researching, ideating, validating and iterating and where I keep learning something new everyday.

I think that working as a User Experience Designer is a wonderful thing. We have the power of changing the way people interact with the world and I believe we should always be responsible with that. We should aim for inclusive, accessible and sustainable solutions.

Life is learning and I love learning something new, so, If you think we should work together, get in touch. If you want to go into details, download my resume.

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